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Tottenham vs Newcastle highlights: Magpies win penalty shootout after Maddison scores in draw

In a friendly game on Wednesday in Melbourne, Tottenham Hotspur drew 1-1 with Newcastle United before losing in a penalty

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Rolls Royce introduced Series 2 SUV, the Cullinan, boasting luxurious features

As a corporation that creates automobiles exclusively for exceptional individuals, Rolls Royce has established a distinct brand globally. The Cullinan

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Meta introduced AI tools for generating both images and text, making users’ work much easier

For its customers, Meta has included sophisticated generative AI functions. Advertisers now have access to new features. According to the

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Soaked figs pack multiple benefits! Here are 9 reasons to make them a daily habit

The fruit fig is well-known for its numerous health benefits. Eating it has several health advantages. It is used by

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The company is readying for Google I/O 2024, set to introduce various devices, including Android 15 and Pixel 8A

Google will introduce its Pixel 8A smartphone at the I/O 2024 event. Many new features will be included in it

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Google earns billions even after providing free services, the company’s business model is unique

The majority of Google's services may be used without charge. But how does Google make billions even after this? You

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A US nurse, convicted in 22 cases for hating patients, has been sentenced to 780 years in prison

Heather Presdi, a 41-year-old nurse from Pennsylvania, was found guilty on three charges of murder and nineteen counts of attempted

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Kazakhstan: Beaten for 8 hours, wife’s nose broken; Former minister crossed all limits of cruelty

The former Kazakhstani minister Kuandik Bishimbayev severely abused his spouse. The accused spouse had given the employees of the restaurant

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Google is bringing Audio Emoji feature, you will be able to use it during calling; Available to these users

This capability might soon be available to Google users. The ability to respond with an emoji while on the phone

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Big companies like Google, Apple and Amazon to lay off more than 70,000 employees by April 2024

People have lost their employment in every industry during the past several years. Technology firms have also been affected by

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Harley Davidson launched new bikes in India and updated prices for existing models

American motorcycle maker Harley Davidson has introduced new models to the Indian market. In addition, the firm has announced new

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Eating a spoon of ghee on an empty stomach each morning can alleviate various body issues

Do you think consuming ghee would cause you to gain weight as well? If this is the case, you'll be

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Drinking fruit juice on an empty stomach could harm your health

Do you also start your day by drinking fruit juice on an empty stomach? If yes, then this mistake can

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Ducati DesertX Rally bike launched with powerful engine, know its features

Indian customers may get extremely powerful bikes with exceptional features from luxury bike maker Ducati. The DesertX Rally bike, an

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Champions League insights: Premier League tactics vs. PSG post-Mbappe

Results from a knockout tournament can be deliciously unclear. Oakland and Saint Peter's can defeat Kentucky. The New England Patriots

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